Simplify - Your Home  Your Work  Your Life

Home Organizing

Individual Room Organizing: I'll tackle that room that you just can’t get around to organizing, that is such a mess, that isn’t even functional.  It’s time to get it organized!

Kitchen: Cooking is a drag in a cluttered kitchen.  It’s time to put some joy back into your cooking! I'll make every cabinet, drawer and pantry functional.

Office or Study: Are you drowning in paperwork?  I'll help you figure out a filing system for your bills, papers, school information, children’s artwork, personal documents, or whatever else you need to keep. Simplifying the office means bills get paid faster, work gets done better, and you have more time to do what you really enjoy!

Garages: Yikes! Everyone’s biggest junk drawer. Quit parking in your driveway or on the street and let me create an orderly garage where you can store and find your stuff easily, including your car!

Basements & Attics: These hidden rooms are always the ones we continue to throw things in because nobody can see them. I'll find some functional solutions to help you easily track down what you need and store more stuff.

Keepsakes: We all need an organized way to file and store our keepsakes. I'll develop a simple solution to make this part of your life less of a hassle and more of a treasure.

Business Organizing

Many of us have our own business - and with a staff of one, we don’t have the time to get it organized. I'll make you more productive in your business with a solution to make your work life more efficient and enjoyable.


Moving: Let me help you move to your next home. I’ll make or find a place for everything in your new home so you can get organized right out of the box and get on with life in your new home.

Downsizing: If you are moving to a smaller living situation, I’ll help you sort through everything, helping you decide what to discard and what to keep.  After all moving less stuff means spending less money to move.

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