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"I didn't realize how disorganized I was until Jennifer got hold of me.  She has shown me ways to live that make life much easier on a daily basis.  Jennifer has so many tricks to keep your home organized.  For example, keeping bug spray, peroxide, bandaids and old tupperware (for bug collecting) by the back door for those emergency moments."
Cynthia R.

“We hired Jennifer to help us organize before, during and after our move.  She took pictures of all of the cabinets in the new house and pictures of our things in the current house.  By moving day, she knew where everything was going and had already purchased the organizing items to place in the new house. We were literally settled into the kitchen within hours. ”

"I am blown away that we can now park our cars in our garage. The boys bikes and sporting equipment is very easy for the to access and clean up. Every cabinet and drawer is organized and labeled so I know exactly where to find things and put them back. I love it! She even helped me clean out our storage unit and find places for everything in the storage closets we have at our house. The bonus is that Jennifer is easy and fun to work with!"

"I just got my living room and dining room revamped - FABULOSO!!!!! Jennifer helps you to declutter and slimply your home/office/living... whatever you need. She changed the whole look of one of our rooms which we now love. She ROCKS!!!! I highly recommend her."
Melanie C.

"Thank you again Jennifer for all you have done for us!  I really enjoy working with you... you are very professional and reliable and we've gotten great results!"

"You have no idea how much you helped and got me started on the right foot.  I was able to do the pantry easily after you getting me in an organized efficient mindset!  Thank you for all you were a HUGE help!"

"I can't tell you enough how very much Jennifer's hard work & expertise is helping me in my life. With the boys, work, household ... I soooooo appreciate her talent, diligence & care!  CHANGING MY LIFE!!!"
C. Harrell

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